Is it possible to update the alias field automatically when saving?

The alias field is filled automatically on the basis of the value of the title field when a new resource is saved.
Can I make a setting or a change so that the alias is updated automatically when the title is changed as well?
For this site it is not important that the according url’s are lost to Google et al, as it is used as a help system within a non-public web-app.

This should be possible by writing a custom plugin and setting the according system event (my guess would be OnDocFormSave). I’m not entirely sure though, if the default alias naming would interfere or if you have to prevent that in a way.

See my recent thread where I did something similar for a user field.


@vibedesign Thank you for answering, but I found an easier solution after all: a ModX extra called CustomUrls which allows one to override the alias when a resource is saved.