Importing / copying modx_site_htmlsnippets chunks from database not showing

I’ve exported via PhpAdmin the modx_site_htmlsnippets table inc drop table and imported to new MODx database - but can’t see the chunks in the manager.

When I add a new chunk it is listed as no 194 and when I go back into Phpadmin I can see all the other 193 chunks and the new one - but can’t see any of the old ones etc

I have deleted / cleared cache numerous times.

Are there any other datasets / tables I need to import as well such as categories ?

It is very frustrating as a good 3 weeks ago I searched and came across a post / thread from somewhere about a similar issue but for the life of me I can’t find it.

Can I also just import the main Resource Content DB or are there other tables I should import as well such as the Categories / TV’s etc

Do versions of MODX match for both sites? If you cleared cache only using the manager, try deleting the content of /core/cache.

Also, try visiting the site with your browser in incognito or private mode. I that works it’s a problem with the browser cache and/or cookies.

Thanks for the quick responses - is there anyway you can import the htmlsnippets (chunks) from MODx 2.87 to 3.0.5 ?

You would have to import them without the id field, otherwise, they would conflict with existing ones, or overwrite them. You’d also have to make sure there are no name conflicts.

A custom snippet could export them properly, and another custom snippet could import them.