Implementing pricing table on Modx site

Could anyone help me to make this pricing table on the Modx site?
I don’t have an idea which input type I should use. But I want to add the services name first of the first column (example: Sed faucibus,Sed volutpat aenean,Sit enim vel…) and then will add plan(example: starter, Pro, Enterprise). During the added plan, I would like to give options to select the features is available or not. If available it will display check/tick mark else cross/times mark.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can use the extra MIGX for this.

If I’m understanding you, for the fields that users can act on, you want a drop-down list for some of the inputs and a checkbox for the others.

Sorry I couldn’t be able to make this. I had to change the layout. Thanks everybody

I have made this using MIGX. Now I want conditional logic to display elements of items.
For example in the second card I don’t want to display the “Read More” button. I will keep that field blank and that shouldn’t display for second card.
Could anyone help me to do so???

[[getImageList? &tvname=`cards` &tpl=`@CODE:

Try using an actual chunk for the property &tpl, instead of using an inline template with @CODE:

+1 for using a real tpl - chunk, or try it like that:

[[getImageList? &tvname=`cards` &tpl=`@CODE:

Sorry, it doesn’t work. I request you to test this code on your machine first if possible.
Thanks in advance.

I can test it, when you could post here the raw output of your MIGX TV called with