Images are getting wrong path

I am trying to display resources list by “getPage”.


But images are getting wrong path.
Here is “service_item_tpl”

<img src="[[!ImagePlus? &docid=[[+id]] &tvname=`featured_image`]]" alt="[[+pagetitle]]">

It’s getting path /home/parochiegeleen/domains/
instead of

I also try tpl chunk for image with source.src. But still gets wrong path.

Could anyone help me to solve this issue?

Site URL:

Just out of curiosity: Why do you use an ImagePlus TV for SVGs?

I don’t know what to use for SVG. Does it require any Extra for SVG?
I thought SVG images and other types of images use the same TV field.

I use ImagePlus because it helps to crop the image manually.
And one thing I noticed to see your reply, I uploaded jpg image and that shows. So, what should I do for the SVG image?

The point of ImagePlus is that you can crop images and generate thumbnails. But you can’t crop vector graphics the same way, and you don’t need thumbnails, because they scale.

Maybe you can use a normal image TV instead, if your users have to select a file from a folder.
Or with SVGs you can also just copy the content to a chunk or add it to the template.

If you really need to use ImagePlus for this, then you probably have to write a short custom snippet that extracts the src part from the JSON-TV-value.

Okay, I understood.
Thanks a ton for your response.