Idea how to make rate for company


I have 2 type of resources in my Modx: First one is Company tree
Engineering company - > Company 1
Engineering company - > Company 2
Industry company - > Company 3
Industry company - > Company 4

Second is list of rates of company (resources):

  1. Best company of 2020
  2. Best company of 2019
  3. Best company of 2018

I need in Modx admin panel choose company and set rate from the rate list, also there is one field index rate (like number from 1 to 10)

If anyone can give idea how to make this relation in Modx admin, to set any rate and rate number for company, and same time from the rate resourse i can see whitch company include in this rate.

With Midx it works but only for one way, but i need two way if i choose rate for company, i want to see which company include in selected rate.


MODX revolution 2.7.2

Maybe you can create a custom database table with these columns

  • company_id (resource-id of the company)
  • rate_id (resource-id of the rate list)
  • rank (your number from 1 to 10)

The easiest way to do this, is probably to use MIGXdb. Here is a link to an introduction video:

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