HTTP ERROR 500 when accessing Modx Manager after applying FormIT Anti-Spam tutorial

How must the authorization be set for components? 705?

And I install the extras via Extras → Package manager

This is certainly an unusual file permission. But if your user is the owner of the directory, then this should still work.

Can you install other extras without these errors?
Are there already files in core/components/collections/?
Maybe try removing the Collections extra completely from core/packages/ and then downloading and installing it again.

When downloading and installing the plugin e.g. Wayfinder the following error message appears…: Could not download and create transport package with signature "wayfinder-2.3.3-pl".
And yes, there are files available in the /collections folder

Heya! Try and install it again, there was a minor infrastructure blip that might have caused an issue for you temporarily.

okay, now the download and installation works, but unfortunately still not with the Extra Collections