How would you send Formit data to client Excel sheet and Sync

I have a client who would like to have FormIt form data in Excel. Of course that’s doable by export, but that’s a manual process. Is there anyway to feed it in more regularly. So client could open the spreadsheet and all the new data populates in?

Could you specify a bit, for what you are asking? Is it e excel file or a csv file on the server, what you want to update. Or is it eventually a google spreadsheet or something?

Thanks Bruno. I want to say excel has an option to poll / update from a CSV on a server, so that might work just fine as well. However I know client wants to update fields / columns on the data.

I suggested a Google Sheet option, he was not interested.

Ultimatly Clients just wants to see the Formit leads pushed to an excel spreadsheet so sales reps can be assigned those. I’ve suggested a CRM and all that, he’s not interested. Just seeing what options might be.

maybe, this is what you need
Write data to an Excel workbook with Microsoft Graph - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs

Here is a php sdk, which might work to get data pushed to your excel workbook.
microsoftgraph/msgraph-sdk-php: Microsoft Graph Library for PHP. (