How to use one core for several websites?


I would like to make a copy of a website to other domains, which will work like mirrors. For example, the main website and the mirrors, second…, third… etc. I just need that the mirrors show the main website. The html frame does not suit me.

I am trying to find the easiest solution like copying the index.php from the main website to the others and change the path to “config.core.php” in the copied indexes to the path to the “config.core.php” of the main website. As a result, I got the mirrors but “base href=‘[[++site_url]]’” of the mirros link to the main website. If I change the base of mirrors programmably, for example, js,css will not load becase the mirrors do not have them.

I am suprised that I can not find the answer on the Internet. I do not believe that there is no simple solution and that I will have to invent it. Guys, please, any ideas? .htaccess?

I found this. It’s quite old, but may still work.

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I don’t exactly understand what you are trying to do.

Do you want to show the exact same website for multiple domains?
If that is the case, then maybe all you need to do, is to point the different domains to the same directory and use

<base href="[[!++site_url]]" />

in your page. Make sure the placeholder [[!++site_url]] is uncached (with the !).