How to restrict users to the elements they create on the manager?

Hi there, to clarify, this is not about controlling access to a given resource, or limiting options or menus acording to users, I basically want to be able to have people to register, and access almos like an admin, probably at most, lock sensible settings, but besides that, any registered user, should be able to login, and create resources, snippets and so on, but not able to modify the ones from others.

The use case is for a demo of an extra we are working, we want to setup a site, were people can login and play around, but not necesarly see or modify other peoples work

At first, I thought NewsPublisher might be a good fit for you use case. Users can edit and possibly create resources in the front end after logging in. When they log in, and visit their own pages, they see an edit button that lets them edit their own pages. On other people’s pages, they don’t see the button.

It sounds, though, like you want them to get a look at the Manager. In that case, the usual method is to create a separate user group for each user, a separate resource group for their own resources, and an ACL entry to link the two. You can automate that with a plugin that uses their username or some other attribute of theirs for the name of their resources group and user group. Don’t put them in the Administrator user group.

You’d also need to put all other (non-user) pages in a resource group and connect that group to the Administrator group, to protect those resources from the users.

The most important permission for them NOT to have is access_permissions, which would let them modify their own permission level (and yours).

NewsPublisher would be a lot less work, but typically, the users would never see the Manager.


Thanks a lot bob, will give it a try, and sure it makes perfect sense now!

Don’t thank me until it works. :wink:

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