How to recover admin credentials

I am developing on local, so i cant get a recovery email, is there a way to find my admin account password?

I checked the database but doesnt seem to be there

any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a rookie mistake and I do feel embarrassed, even though I am a rookie


modx 2.7.1 apache sqp

On a local server that’s not configured, setting the password directly in the database is probably your best bet:


Also take a look at BobRays guide on if you get locked out of the manager.

There’s a script at the bottom of the page that will create a new admin user - bailed me out a few times! :wink:

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thanks guys, i followed all instructions but it still didnt work

when it asks for me to delete everything in core/cache, the site become unavailable so dont know if some of the methods did work

Did you install locally or transfer over to local? Ensure you’ve correctly updated all of the paths and that the database credentials are correct for your local database.

Try the folowing SQL: UPDATE modx_users SET hash_class = ‘hashing.modMD5’, password = MD5(‘12345’) WHERE username = ‘yourUsername’;

Edit the yourUsername part, and you’re pass should become 12345.

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thanks to everyone that replied, ill keep trying the sugestions

its installed locally so nothing to update i think?

Did you get this working?