How to migrate a FTP MODX Website into a Server network


It’s my first time using MODX.

I have to relocate a MODX Website to a Server PC so that Clients can use it in an Intranet. I tried the Tutorial for Migration but it doesnt works. I Need a way to relocate it.

The Website is MODX v. 2.5.6. The Server has a Xampp Bundle and MODX 2.7.1.

first i got the database in the Manager but if i click an item it says “Resource with ID ## not found”.

At this Point nothing works anymore. Just Fatal Errors. Except the main page which is the standart welcome page now.

I’m trying now for 8 hours and it only gets worse.

Please, can someone help me?

Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

You probably want to upgrade first to version 2.7.1 before performing the relocation. Other than that, it should generally work after moving all database contents and files to the new location and changing the respective config file paths like in the tutorial you mentioned.

It also sounds like you first installed a fresh MODX on the server PC and then tried to import resources and such. I think you rather want to simply move database and files over and then rerun the MODX setup to check if everything went well.

A few thoughts:

Manually delete all files in the core/cache directory.

If you can get into the Manager, run Manage -> Clear Cache -> Refresh URIs.

On XAMPP, you often need to add the directory to your RewriteBase line in .htaccess. On a “real” server, it’s usually:

RewriteBase /

If you copied the .htaccess file, that could be the problem.

If you haven’t, you should definitely run setup at the new site to straighten out the paths. Be sure to upload the setup directory from the exact same MODX version. Don’t forget to remove the setup directory as soon as possible after running setup to avoid a security vulnerability.

That doesn’t always work, so you sometimes need to edit the main config file (core/config/ to get the paths and URLs right.

Also, check the three config.core.php files in the root, connectors, and manager directories to make sure the path to the core is correct.