How do i make unique style changes to pages using the same template?

I’m using one template for multiple pages. On these pages there is a colour background styled with css. How can i make this colour different for every page? I’ll need some way to add a unique class to the pages to target them. Could/should i use page id?

If i were to use the same example as the modx docs page on templates, the template is the house. I want to make a row of houses using the same template. But i want the interior walls to be decorated differently! :joy:

Hi @mikecalland,

You could certainly base it off the resource id, though a more user friendly way (especially if you have editors who need to set the colour when they create a new article/page) would be to use a Template Variable (TV).

You could create a drop-down list of colours as shown in the docs here:

To expand on digitalpenguin’s excellent answer, there are two fairly easy ways to do it with a TV called color_tv.

  1. Show the editor the color name in the list, but store the color code (e.g, #0c0c0c) in the TV’s value. Put a tag for the TV in the template like so:
background-color: [[*color_tv]]

(if you’re using a background image, put the URL of the image file in the TV).

  1. Same as #1, but with a class name in the TV, and do something like this in the Template:
<body class="existing class [[*color_tv]]">

The second method would allow you to change other features of the page as well if you decide to down the road.

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Excellent suggestions so far, but as an additional bonus I’ve also seen people use something like this:

<body class="page-[[*alias:htmlent]]">

That gives you automatic page-specific class names you can use in your CSS in the form of page-home, page-contact-us, etc.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to explore all of them for future reference but for the website i’m building, i figured out that i can just add the resource ID to the body tag:

<body class="fade-in page-[[*id]]">

This gives each page a unique id which worked for what i needed.

Cheers for the help

+1 for using one template. The fewer, the better in my opinion.

Just my thoughts…

These are all very good suggestions. My first impulse would be to use a Template Variable.

I’m not a big fan of using MODX resource ids for something like this, although I know that resource ids are often used in plugins like Wayfinder. But I would consider using the suggestion by @markh to get right to the point without creating a template variable.

However, since you are using CSS classes for this, would you ever need to reuse the rules from the classes you are building?

If so, I would definitely check out Template Variables. Template Variables are quite easy once you start using them and you might find a lot of use for them later with your website considering that you are using only one template. Template Variables are really powerful with websites that use very few templates.

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