How can I view more Newest Additions or Recently Upgraded Extras in Package Manager?

Currently we can see only few most recently added or upgraded extras in package management. I don’t login to manager daily. So I miss the large list of recently added/upgraded extras. I want to know how can I view more ?

We can see 10.

As far as I can tell, the code just calls this URL
and displays the result.

I don’t know if the API accepts different parameters, but in the MODX manager there is no way to change the count of displayed extras.

You could choose a category on the left side (under “Extras”) and then change the sort to “Newest Added”.

But I think you’d have to repeat that for all the categories to see all the newest extras.

Maybe you can call this URL (with a suitable limit parameter)
and look at the result.

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Maybe not all extras are listed.

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Doesn’t the Updater extra show all packages with available updates on the dashboard?

If you just want to stay up to date on releases as they come, we do have an email list that sends out a digest of all updated/released Extras every Monday. I don’t know if there is a public link to subscribe to it currently but I can certainly add you to the list if you want.


I would be interested in that as well!

Hi. This kinda works but its in xml and I only prefer this if this is the only option.
Thanks btw. Bookmarked. :wink:

There are Extras there which are compatible for Modx 3 but not updated there. Like MIGX.

Didn’t now about Updater Extra. Let me check and get back to you.

I subscribed to that list the that only shows ( I think ) highlighted Extras.

MODX Revolution Extras Update for the week