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How can I initialize the image_caption plugin in TinyMCE?

How can I initialize the image_caption plugin for TinyMCE in Modx?

I have looks through all the files for TinyNCE in manager, but I can’t find a place to initialize this.

I use the latest version of everything in Modx.

Link to the image_caption plugin for TinyMCE:

Thanks :grinning:

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I found the answer myself: TinymceWrapper

Of course, I really appreciate the work done with the TinyMCE extra, but unfortunately it is completely out of date now.

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How so? Modx Extras tend to continue being useful, as Modx is so stable.

MODX may be stable, but browsers change, and the older versions of TinyMce now have incompatibilies with the newest versions of browsers, and perhaps newer versions of PHP as well.