GoRevo extra for Evolution CMS

Has anyone tried Bob’s goRevo extra for Evolution CMS? Does it work well as with MODX Evo?
@bobray add you directly too.


I’ve used it a number of times and it works well. However, there are a number of caveats:

  1. It cannot migrate Evo Modules. They will need to be rebuilt for Revo in ExtJS as Custom Manager Pages.
  2. Custom snippets will migrate but they may not work. On the plus side: Evo had no real API and therefore, snippets and plugins were mostly just straight PHP. So, resolving function there is not generally difficult. Chances are you can refactor things to be more secure or leverage xPDO or the Revo API
  3. You’ll need to redo forms and such because the syntax between FormIt and eForm are quite different.

I also noticed that all the replacement Snippets, such as getResources for Ditto, for instance were replaced uncached. In Revo, you should cache unless you need to uncache.

It’s certainly faster than rebuilding the site by hand—especially for smaller, simpler marketing type sites.

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