Gitify setup help

Having expanded our team I have been looking for a better way of automating the process from local to dev to production. I have got all my local set up, got projects into Git, cloned the repository in the cPanel on the dev server (into a folder called repositories) and created the .yml deployment file which pushes up to my public_html folder. All works as I need it too, changed files get pushed to the repository, pulled down to dev then deployed; once happy I can pull down on to the production and deploy.

Having done some more research I have found Gitify which can sync my database files such as TVs etc. I have followed the instructions and installed it on the dev server (into a repositories’ folder alongside my git folder) but when I come to run a command I get bash command not found. I think it is to do with the structure but am not 100% sure so a little of guidance would really help.

I get up to this bit in the installation - Edit your ~/.bash_profile - to point to the gitify folder which I have done but after that I get the error bash command not found.

Structure is - /home/accountname directory - inside this I have my various other directories including my repositories directory and my public_html. In my repositories directory I have cloned the dev site and Gitify in to separate folders. In my dev site repository I have my .yml file for deployment; what do I need to get gitify to work so I can extract from my dev site? Should Gitify be in my dev site repository? Should I have cloned the repository into my public_html folder?

I can tell I am not far away but as I am not setting up a brand new MODX site and already have the repository on github I think I am going wrong somewhere. Any help appreciated.

I don’t use Gitify, but in your bash profile, you might try this:

alias gitify="Full/path/to/gitify/executable/ command"

or this:

gitify() {

It would help if you posted the command you’re trying to run.

For reference, this looks like a cross-post of a thread on the modmore forum which has some more discussion at this time: