Gallery Options

As part of my website, I’ll be adding a gallery every year. I’m just wondering which is the best Gallery Extra to use?

I haven’t used it and it’s not free, but I heard MoreGallery is a good call.


I’ve tried the Gallery Extra but I’m having issues. Images aren’t visible on the back-end or on the website. In the back-end, a message ‘No files match the specified filter’ shows up instead.

not sure, if gallery is still much used. +1 for MoreGallery for a simple to setup and to use gallery - Extra

Sorry Bruno, I’m not sure if i understand. +1 for MoreGallery? Not sure what that means

I’m suggesting the same, what @vibedesign allready did

Oops sorry…thanks. I was hoping to get something that’s free

Unfortunately I haven’t used the Gallery Extra as well, but the docs seem quite detailed. Have you checked those to troubleshoot your issue? Also have you seen this tutorial?

If you don’t want to spend any money you could really use any gallery out there. And yes, I mean outside of the MODX Extras, so you could just google for a solution which seems fitting to you. To integrate that you could use something like MIGX but this would require you to add every image individually. (A brief example how MIGX could look like in this video). I don’t know how many images you got but this could end up quite time consuming…

But again I would suggest using MoreGallery especially when you consider what an hour of your time is worth and how much of those hours you would need to either troubleshoot or integrate a foreign tool, then MoreGallery really costs nothing.