Gallery not showing prettyPhoto inlet after upgrading ModX to 2.8.4 and Gallery to 2.0.0

Indeed, before the update, the galItemThumb chunk was

<a href="[[+image]]" target="_blank" title="[[+description]]" rel="prettyPhoto[pp_gal]"[[+link_attributes]]  class="screen" >
        <img class="[[+imgCls]]" src="[[+thumbnail]]" title="[[+gallery.description]]" alt="[[+gallery.description]]" [[+image_attributes]] />

now, after the update the chunk is

<div class="[[+cls]]">
    <a href="[[+linkToImage:if=`[[+linkToImage]]`:is=`1`:then=`[[+image_absolute]]`:else=`[[~[[*id]]?
            &[[+tagRequestVar]]=`[[+tag]]` ]]`]]" title="[[+name]]" [[+link_attributes]]>

        <img class="[[+imgCls]]" src="[[+thumbnail]]" alt="[[+name]]" [[+image_attributes]] />

With this information, can you confirm that your guess is true? (I can’t because I don’t know the original galItemThumb chunk code.) If yes, does this mean the original implementer adapted in a way which is prone to update issues? Then I may find further, similar problems for other chunks and snippets?

Yes this is the default galItemThumb content.

Yes, you shouldn’t change the default chunk. The correct way is to create a new chunk and use the &thumbTpl property.

That could be the case.

Thank you very much. I get it to work step by step.

I’m not satisfied with the thumbnail &thumbWidth=150 still. I would like to have scaled picture with a fixed width where the height is accordingly, depending on the ratio. However, I get a thumbnail with 150x100 which is chopped. The 100 is probably from the default.

How do I get an unchopped thumbnail?

You probably have to change the &thumbZoomCrop property.