FURL Alias Pattern not working with ”

I am trying to remove these quotes from the alias generation pattern. Note, these are different from the regular ones ". However, when I add those in, the automatic generation of the alias does not work, it stays blank.

I tried inserting the quote character like this:


What am I doing wrong?

I tested this on a fresh installation of MODX 3.0.4 (system setting friendly_alias_restrict_chars_pattern) and I can’t reproduce the issue.
The apostrophes get correctly removed from the resource alias.

Are there maybe other related settings you have changed? Any translit extras installed?

Hmm… that’s interesting. I have the following extras installed:

  • Ace - 1.9.3-pl
  • Collections - 4.0.0-pl
  • emo - 1.8.9-pl
  • FormIt - 5.0.1-pl
  • GoodNews - 2.0.0-alpha2
  • Guzzle7 - 7.8.0-pl
  • Image+ - 2.9.4-pl
  • pdoTools - 3.0.2-pl
  • pThumb - 2.3.3-pl
  • Redactor - 3.1.6-pl
  • Resizer - 1.0.2-beta
  • UpgradeMODX - 2.3.5-pl

Also I don’t think I changed any specific settings. Just to confirm, can you test my pagetitle which is not working (but should):
Unsere “Pausenband”

There are 2 different apostrophe characters in this title. and .
I can reproduce the empty alias, if I only add to the system setting. I seems to work fine when I add both of them “”.

I debugged it, and to fix the issue (even with only in it), add the u (unicode) modifier to the end of the regular expression:


Thank you for testing this. When I try it though, the second one get’s removed, but the first one stays. Here is the result:

Yes, the u is just to remove the error (the blank alias).
To remove both characters, add both of them to the regex:


Sorry, I missed your first response. Thanks, working great!

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