[Fred] Is there a way to check if Fred is active without using javascript?

Hi All,

Is there any twig tag or even native modx tag to check if fred is active or not?
I know I can do this with javascript to find the fred--active on body HTML tag, but I would like to avoid using this due to security reasons (code sniffers trying to find the CMS).

This is the reason why I am asking:
I have a Bootstrap grid with the ability to have cards dragged into it. Each card has a link. And I would like to disable the link while fred is active so people can click on the image and change it without having the link activated on this action.

Thanks in advance.

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I’m pretty sure there is an option in system settings to change the Fred active class to whatever you would like it to be. Not sure if that’s a 1.1 specific setting or not though.

though it should be said that code sniffers won’t see the class anyway from the front end unless they are already logged in and have permissions…at which point they probably don’t need to sniff


Yes, it exists.
Didn’t try to change yet due to possible side effects.
I should be able to use the Modx tag to call that setting.

Have you ever tried to change this setting in 1.1.0 beta or RC?

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Nah I haven’t had a need to change it so far

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Well, I shall try. I’ll share the result

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Hi All,

Still didn’t find an efficient way to do what I am looking for. But through javascript it is feasible as it detects the fred active class, and it is possible to perform specific tasks, but it is not possible to hide that javascript from the code when fred is not loaded.
This can be tricky when trying to hide the used CMS from the public. But it works well anyway.

Thanks for the guidance.

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