Fred Element updates not showing in 'logged out' pages

Hi. I have a problem I’ve not encountered before and I’d be grateful for advice ASAP…

I’ve made updates to a Fred Element’s markup and options. When I go to the front-end editor, the new settings are available to me, I can make changes and save the page(s). However, when I log out or view the page(s) in incognito mode, the old version displays. If I log back in, I see the new version. So my updates are only visible when I’m logged in.

I’ve used the Fred Rebuild function, I’ve cleared the cache in the Manager and I have cleared browser cache – all numerous times and on different computers – but nothing seems to work.

Update: changes to other areas of the page do publish. The issue seems to be with this specific Element. I have even deleted the Element in the front-end and saved the page but the old content still appears on the live page even though I’ve removed it.

What am I missing? Please help!

MODX Revolution 2.7.1
Fred 1.1.1

SOLVED: turns out it was an issue not with the Fred Element but its associated TV, which had somehow become ‘uncoupled’ from the page template.

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