Fred default elements for existing content

Trying out Fred for the redesign of an existing site and I’m not able to get my existing content to show up using Fred’s default element setting. The documentation shows the syntax for this setting as ID|target where the ID is the identifier of the Fred element to use and target is the HTML object within that element, but no matter what I enter here I’m not getting my existing resource content to show up when editing in Fred.

It’s not clear in the documentation what reference we should use for the ‘target’, is it the element name (like ‘div’) or the value of the data-fred-name attribute? I’ve tried both, and no luck.

My current default element setting is: 31|default

Element 31 is:
<div id="default-content" class="text" contenteditable="true" data-fred-name="default" data-fred-rte="true" data-fred-rte-config="text"> default content </div>

I’ve also tried 31|div and 31|default-content (referencing the data-fred-name attribute and the id attribute) for my default element setting with the same lack of results.

Anybody here used the default element setting successfully? What am I missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MODX 2.8.1 | FRED 1.2.3 | MODX Cloud hosting

Got an answer to this on GitHub, posting here for future reference. The “default element” setting will only work when a resource template is changed to a fred template and saved. If a resource has already been switched to fred the default element setting will have no affect. This needs to be clarified in the documentation.