Formit: successMessage with a form field (email)?

Is it possible to put a form field into the successMessage?

I’d like to show a message like this: “Thanks for your request. You will receive a reply to your e-mail [[+email]] immediately.”

Tried it with [[+email]] and [[!]], no output is given for this field.

Should work, you sure that the field is correct? Also, try a success page with the message. You can then use FormItRetriever to load all fields and display them.

Thanks. I’m sure that the field is correct. And it doesn’t work this way.
Seems that it work only with a success page.

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You have to set the property clearFieldsOnSuccess to 0.


Otherwise the placeholders like [[!]] don’t get set, when the form submission is successful.

Nice! Now it works with [[!]]. Thanks!

Would like to know, why it doesn’t work with a form field placeholder like in &emailTpl or &fiarTpl.