Formit send email while on local server


I cannot make formit send email while on local server. it saves the form data in the database with the FormItSaveForm hook, but no email

I found a very old post from another user who had the same problem, and bob ray gave her the smtp settings to put in order to make it work and it did, but not for me

maybe things have changed since then? any ideas on how do i make it work?

here is the link to the old thread


im using modx 2.7.1 with apache and mysql

It should send if you’re using an SMTP server to do it.
Install the QuickEmail extra and run the snippet uncached with the debug parameter to see what’s going wrong.
[[!QuickEmail? &debug=`1`]]

It should give you some output with any errors. You could post that here to help people troubleshoot.

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I use the MailCatcher ruby gem. Very simple to install and use and works perfectly. Find the specific MODX settings at the link above.


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