Formit : second form sent twice


Formit with 2 forms on the same page

Step to reproduce

submit the second form

Observed behavior

2 emails are sent to the “emailTo” option when the second form is submited

Expected behavior

1 mail sent


MODX Revolution 2.8.1-pl
Formit 4.2.6-pl
&submitVar defined in the two forms
Submit button is an INPUT as recommended in documentation and input names match with the &submitVar option
&mailTo specified with placeholders: &emailTo=`[[!+psclient_idcustomer:is=`null`:then=`[[+email]]`:else=`[[+psclient_email]]`]]`

Found by myself, &emailBCC=`[[!+emailfourn.emails_fournisseurs]]` need to be uncached