Formit redirect hook : what to put into action parameter of the form?


I’m trying to use Formit with redirect hook.
I’m totally puzzled by WHAT to put into the action=“xxx” of the html form tag in my template

[[!FormIt? &hooks=`recaptchav3,redirect`  
  &redirectTo=`94` &store=`1` 
  &vTextRequired=`Merci de renseigner ce champ.`
  &subject.vTextRequired=`Merci de saisir un sujet pour votre message.`


This is supposed to go to the page 94 with

 ?=registerguest=OK in its url.

and not returning to the form page itself. (this is what happens if I use action = [[~[[*id]]]] )
So, what to put here ?:

 <form id="register_form" class="form-horizontal" data-form="validate"  action="?????" method="post">

( if I’m writing literally :


of course it’s fine but in this case redirect is useless…
Then the goal is also to retrieve many placeholders with FormItRetrieverin the landing page (this does not work too, they remain empty.

&placeholderPrefix=`reg` or &placeholderPrefix=`reg.`

(with the dot) ??

thank you.

Use action="[[~[[*id]]]]". The same as for a form without a redirect.

The form data has to be sent to the page with the FormIt snippet call that processes the data and does a redirect if the validation and all the hooks before redirect are successful.

Maybe there is no redirect, because the recaptchav3 hook fails, or you have some additional field validation that fails.

Yes. &placeholderPrefix=`reg.`
According to the documentation you have to include the ‘.’ separator in your prefix.

Thank you.
It works but without recaptcha3 (that I’m using on another classic contact form succesfully…)

I believe there is a placeholder [[!+fi.error.recaptchav3_error]] (in your case with the custom prefix probably [[!+reg.error.recaptchav3_error]]) to display the error, why the recaptchav3 hook fails.

Maybe you can lower the threshold with the property &recaptchav3.threshold=`0.5` if that is the problem.