FormIt preHooks not working

I want to load JSON data from a cookie in the from so it could send via mail. But I cannot get it working. So I tried the demo from the documentation „loadCustomValues“. But this also didn‘t work. All I see in the email are the placeholders.

Here my FormIt call:

Here my email template:

Gast: [[+guest]]

Zimmernummer: [[+room]]

Here my preHook Snippet:

<?php $hook->setValues(array( 'room' => '11', 'guest' => 'mustermann', )); return true;

For setting email placeholders, use a hook and not a preHook.

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But as I read the documentation correct I need to set it in the preHook to become available in the email hook:

Note that using the setValues() method here will make the corresponding placeholders available to your email chunk; the effect of manually setting values is similar to adding hidden fields to your form.

This sentence from the documentation is wrong.

When you set a value with $hook->setValue() in a preHook, this only works on the first request, when the form it not submitted.

On form submission, the values you set here get ignored

So for a value to be available as a placeholder in the email hook, either use $hook->setValue() in a custom hook that runs before the email hook, or maybe you could use $modx->setPlaceholder('key','value') in the prehook.

Seams your right. I added it as a hook and it works.