Formalicious Email not sending or Redirecting to specified Resource

Hey all,

Having a few issues with the email and redirecting of all of my forms in Formalicious. Does anyone have a walk through of steps that I cannot find? Basically all forms are created, work and look great, but hitting submit does not redirect or email. It does store the completed form and I am able to download the .csv which is great, but I need the email to send. Also after submitting the URL changes from the page to also list the #form that I completed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you create a simple form using FormIt directly (without Formalicious), are you able to send an email successfully? Maybe your email settings are wrong.

Are there any related error messages in the MODX error log?

Does the redirect work if you don’t try to send an email?

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Hello! I can create a form in FormIt and let you know, there are errors in the log, here is one: [FormIt] An error occurred while trying to send the email. Could not instantiate mail function.

The redirect does not work with/without the email option selected.

Do you use SMTP to send the mails?

Maybe also take a look at this site:


Testing with Bob Ray’s QuickEmail in debug mode is definitely the go-to method for tracking down issues. It’s mentioned in the article @halftrainedharry linked to from the MODX Cloud Support docs.

If, you are by chance in MODX Cloud, feel free to contact and we can potentially assist you.

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