[For hire] US based MODx developer


My video introduction on Vimeo
My video introduction on Vimeo

My name is Stefany and I have been developing in MODx for four years, and have nine years of web development experience.

I specialize in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), front-end development and web accessibility.

I can help you create AMP pages to your MODx site which will increase the site speed, or I can re-code the site in AMP.

All my interfaces are compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA (or ADA Section 508), which is beneficial for you in couple of ways:

  • Blind / visually impaired people will be able to use your site
  • Your risk of getting sued by disabled visitors is greatly diminished (accessibility related lawsuits are on the rise)
  • My code / interfaces have better UX than most since they are accessible
  • You will get more revenue by having a MODx site that is also accessible* (an incredibly rare combination) which will enable disabled people to purchase from your site.

I am based in Arkansas, USA, so it will be easier if you are in the same timezone, however I am originally from Europe so European clients are also welcome (or anybody from around the world)

I can provide links to the previous sites I built upon request.

Feel free to call me at +1-870-253-3297 or email stef@stefanywebdesign.info I will reply to emails within 12 hours and my phone is usually always next to me.

You can contact me in English or Bulgarian. I can also understand Russian. As for Dutch, I am learning it and currently I only understand written form (somewhat)

As for hobbies, I like watching Star Trek, crafting, knitting, reading history and discussing philosophy. I also like to binge sitcoms (not really a hobby, I know). I also like board and video gaming (AOE4, I am waiting for you!)

Here is a testimonial* by a client from The Netherlands for who I recently finished re-designing his site to MODx. He was really happy with the platform and my work. We have been working together nearly 5 years.

Jeff Vughs

l recommend Stefany Newman from Stefany Web Design as an excellent web designer due to my great experience working with her. Stefany created my website vughs.nl, twice. The design of the first website was great it was fast and suited my needs, however I needed a redesign as my objectives from being an artist went to be an author of E-books.

Interestingly she suggested using the modx platform - which I started a bit sceptic as the first design was good, only needed to change some small things - to be convinced with no regrets. The new platform in this day and age was a perfect solution – extremely easy to use and understand.

During both designs she really listened to my personal preferences, as long as I could provide her some explanatory bullet points or visual example she could easily manage to translate these into programming language. In addition, she was always happy to provide tips, tricks and advantages with taking my goals into consideration, something I can’t emphasize enough how great she is as an asset in this regard.

To elaborate, small details of adding a shopping cart icon, social media icons at specific pages, adding draft download buttons, foot notes, logo design formats, picture sizes, etc - things I wouldn’t really think about personally.

Therefore, I can really outsource the website design to her which gives me great focus on my own goals and precious time. In addition, Stephany also checked what other website authors were build up and suggested me which social media I should use to aid my self-publishing book exposure. All communication went through email, a project forum or Skype which were fine tools to use.

Finally, I probably would have waited longer taking the first step designing a website if I didn’t have met Stefany, as she provided me with enough information, motivation and confidence to start due to her easy down to earth personality.

My favorite part working with Stefany is her involvement in the project, to emphasize, she personally cares for a great success - which I think is essential for the best outcome. I Hope to have informed you sufficiently, and hope that you would consider her as your new web designer - rather a motivated designer which wants to push herself to the limits then one who is only doing it for the money right?

MODx Journey

Like every other developer, my first CMS websites were made with WordPress. I disliked how easily they could be hacked and as I continued freelancing, I’d get requests from new clients to “clean their WordPress website from malware”. Almost every WordPress developer / webmaster I met had one or more websites hacked.

I also disliked how error prone WP was and how one little mistake can shut down your website.

Then I discovered MODx!

MODx is my favorite CMS and I use it when clients need to update the content themselves. It is so secure and fast!

For clients who don’t need to update their content themselves, I build static sites.

Feel free to call me at +1-870-253-3297 or email stef@stefanywebdesign.info I will reply to emails within 12 hours and my phone is usually always next to me.

* If you are outside the US, your accessibility laws might be different, however they almost all adhere to the WAI-WCAG. There are still some intricacies tho, so let me know your country and I will read the accessibility requirements.
* I can provide more testimonials upon request