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First time using the Goodnews-extra 1.5.1-pl2 and the lastest MODX 2.7.2. So far everthing is working, but I have an (maybe understanding-)issue with unsubscribing from the newsletter.

When I confirm my subsribtion I’m getting an email with an unsubscribe link, which holds a session-id ([[!+sid]]) which is generated by the GoodNews-extra.

As I understand for now it is only possible to unsubscribe via the link in the email sent by the Goodnews-extra?

I need the user to be able to enter his/her email-adress in a text-input and then unsubscribe the person from the newsletter. How is that possible to achieve?

Thanks in advance and greetings to the forum!


Hi, there should be a snippet for unsubscribing in the package. Pls check in your elements (middle tab) under snippets and then goodnews.

You just have to call the snippet on a page to get the option to be there. You can put it in your main template. You don’t need to edit it or anything, just call it.

The usual code would be [[+GNunsubscribe]] or whatever the snippet name is. Then, its in your template, you can style it (usually by putting it in a div and then positioning and styling this way)

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Hey nuan88!

Thanks a lot for the hint, I didn’t look there before. But you are right, there is a snippet called “GoodNewsUnSubscription”. I’m gonna check this out!

Greetings to you!

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Great! Go ahead and post whenever you run into any difficulties!

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