Experienced Modx admin needed after our Modx admin passed away


I am hosting a website for one of my customers. Their Modx admin/developer has recently passed away. They initially need some quick and easy changes to their current site. Looking for an experienced Modx admin / site developer that can help out.

Step to reproduce

Apart from the fact the modx deployment needs to be updated/upgraded, there is a tiny issue that I (as normal PHP developer) am not able to fix/solve. They need a change to a page (basically changing the mysql query. I know how to do that. But as they want to keep the old page, I duplicated/copied the existing/working page and connected a new url/slug to it.

Observed behavior

When I visit the page, the page is not displaying the information as on the original page. I suspect I need to change something else in modx to get it working. But I have never touched modx before.

Expected behavior

I expect the page to be exactly the same


Modx 1.2.1

Please reach out if you are able to help out, obviously the company is willing to pay for the assistance.
If you then are available to upgrade the current deployment to a more recent version, then that would be even better, but not required.

Both customer and I (the host) are located in The Netherlands (Europe).

Hi @tscargo,
My condolences to you and to all relatives and friends.

You are using MODX Evolution 1.2.1 version, unfortunately, this forum is not the best place for these questions, as only MODX Revolution is discussed here.

As of April 2017 Evolution is officially a separate project, no longer under the wings of MODX. That means Evolution has its own leadership, processes, and community.
All information about Evolution, including documentation and extras, can be found at evo.im, all questions should be send to https://forum.evo.im/

But I think I could help you - please PM me with further details (I hope this is not against community rules).