Evolution to Revolution using GoRevo not working?

Hi, people. I have a site running ModX 1.0.2 site. Finally decided to migrate to latest ModX Revolution, using GoRevo. I followed all the steps very carefully, it did go through everything successfully, but it does not seem to have transferred anything from the DB. It transferred all my directories (like images, css, etc.), but that’s it… What should be in the evo.zip file in terms of resources, chunks. etc? An SQL file? Am I missing something obvious? The new site was blank, the old site is in a working conditon. The DBs are different (I was not supposed to use the same DB and just overwrite it, right?)

GoRevo Export Results
Saved modUserGroupNames objects – 2
Saved modManagerUser objects – 0
Saved modWebUser objects – 0
Saved modUserSetting objects – 0
Saved modManagerUserGroupUser objects – 0
Saved modWebUserGroupUser objects – 0
Saved modResource objects – 0
Saved modChunk objects – 0
Saved modTemplate objects – 0
Saved modTemplateVar objects – 0
Saved modTemplateVarTemplate objects – 0
Saved modTemplateVarResource objects – 0
Saved modResourceGroup objects – 0
Saved modResourceGroupResource objects – 0
Saved modCategory objects – 0
Saved modSystemSetting objects – 27
Could not find modSnippet object(s):
Saved directories – 7


The new site should have Revolution installed, with its own DB. GoRevo should detect the new DB from config.inc.php and fill it with the data from the Evo site.

The zip file should have contained the info from the old DB in JSON form in separate files for chunks, snippets, resources, etc., but it looks like none of them were saved.

I wonder if GoRevo had trouble reading from the old site’s DB table due to changes in PHP/MySQL.