Evo 1.0.14 not displaying inner pages

Hi I have an old site running Evo 1.0.14 (I know!). The client has just noticed the site isnt displaying the inner pages. Only the home page, although the urls change when you click on the navigation. I cant view the pages in preview either.
Any Ideas? Ive done a search, but not come up with anything so far.

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Evo has spun off from Modx and has its own team. Here is a useful post from Jacko

the Evo discussions have moved to GitHub https://github.com/evolution-cms, since Evo does not belong to MODX anymore: https://modx.com/blog/evolution-cms-has-a-new-home

Please ask there for support. If I am right, you have to update Ditto to the last version.

There is also a slack workspace for this: https://evocmf.slack.com/ , but you need an invitation.

It can be a variety of problems, especially as its such an old version

The top problem nowadays for older Evo versions is PHP updates

I can only suggest you update the version on the server to one of the versions that are currently on GitHub, version 2.xx is the latest major upgrade, but 1.4.xx is still the fully stable version that will be supported for some time to come

Updates have been carried our from 1.0.9 to 1.4.xx without any problems, other than snippet compatibility

You will have to update old snippets etc. that are no-longer supported and or no-longer distributed

Older Evo versions can be downloaded here: http://www.evolution-docs.com/release-overview/

Latest Evo versions, see GitHub: https://github.com/evolution-cms/evolution/tags

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If you require updated snippets, try the new snippet repository found on GitHub here: https://github.com/extras-evolution

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