Every Page Redirects to Manager

Moved a site to GoDaddy hosting and every page redirects to the manager log-in page, even when site status is set to ‘no’.

MODX 3.0.3 and PHP8.1

Nothing in MODX error log or server error log.

Did you copy across [and check] your .htaccess file for the root folder?

If that’s missing [or missing the relevant lines] then Friendly URLs don’t work.

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I did but during SSL set up GoDaddy amended the htaccess file so I re-uploaded my original and still had no joy. I’ve noticed that other files had been messed with - there was a ‘templates’ folder in the root of the site (and one in the right place)! I’ve literally just uploaded all the files again and it’s now working.

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If you are seeing other things messed up, remember that re-running the installer on the new site helps to fix many of the issues related to migration

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Quite right but in this case I didn’t need to go that far as I realised it was just the files that had been messed up.

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This is the root problem. :wink:


Yep - stuck with it though unfortunately