EventsX context settings


I am trying to install EventsX and the instructions include the following:
“Create a Context setting ‘evxEventsPage’ and set the ‘upcoming events page’ id as value.
Create a Context setting ‘evxEventPage’ and set the ‘single event page’ id as value.”

Does anyone know where or how to create these settings?

Thanks in advance.

Unless you changed the name of your context (or it is localized to something else), in your sidebar, click the resources tab. There is a bar near the top with a globe icon “Website” and then a plus in a circle and the “refresh” icon. If you right click on that, it shows you a bunch of context options.

Click on edit context, and in the new window click Context Settings and click “Create New” button.
in this case your key would be evxEventsPage and evxEventPage, and their values would be the corresponding id’s

It doesn’t sound like you need to change the namespace from core, but in the future some extras/plugins do use a specific namespace (for example, Ace editor settings). Maybe someone with more experience with that plugin will jump in and let us know

Thanks frankie_tech! It is interesting because I applied these settings and it doesn’t seem to affect EventsX either way (applied or not applied).

I am also struggling to get it to show all events or past events as it is currently only showing upcoming events.

I haven’t had any experience with that extra, so I wish I could be of more help! Check if there are any system settings set at all, maybe that can give you some insight as to how your context settings should be set (I know I can mess up the simplest things like that haha)

Hello, I’ve gotten mine to display, but it is very hard to figure out other things like pagination. I’ve set my context for the evxEventPage and that made the pages linkable. Adding evxEventsPage broke the links.