Errors using MS SQL


When using MS SQL with ModX Revolution 2.7.1-pl I get the following errors in the Error Log:

[2019-07-18 13:29:09] (ERROR @ C:\inetpub\wwwroot\core\xpdo\om\xpdoobject.class.php : 240) Error 42000 executing statement:
[0] => 42000
[1] => 169
[2] => [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]A column has been specified more than once in the order by list. Columns in the order by list must be unique.

Step to reproduce

Do a fresh install of ModX Revolution 2.7.1-pl using MS SQL.

Observed behavior

I just noticed this error in the error log. As we are still setting up a test environment we want to know if this will impact the installation as we are bound by MS SQL.

Expected behavior

I expect zero errors in the error log.


Windows Server 2016
IIS 10.0
MS SQL 2012 SP4
ModX Revolution 2.7.1-pl

Hey @chaoscontrol, welcome to the forum.

MSSQL isn’t very commonly used with MODX. It’s possible you’ve found a bug. Bugs should be reported on github, though it’s worth doing a search first to make sure there is not already one for it. The error message you’ve posted here unfortunately doesn’t identify the specific query/page/request that causes the error, so it’s hard to say what the impact of it is or how it should be fixed.

Hi @markh, thanks for your reply. I will check out the github repo issues and create a new one if needed. If anyone else has anything to add please do. :slight_smile: