Errors in admin panel MODX3 after transfer to hosting

After transferring the site
MODX 3.0.1 Advanced php7.4/8, MariaDB 10.3
to hosting, errors appear in developer tools on the admin panel page:
This.mask.addClass is not a function
This.mask.el. is undefined
The first run after the transfer and clearing the cache gives two errors. Further more.
Server error log writes: client denied by server configuration path/connectors/modx.config.js.php,
path/manager/assets/css, etc.
Please help with advice

You may have permission or ownership problems with those two files. It’s also possible that you have .htaccess rules that need to be adjusted for the new server.

If you transferred the MODX files manually, one or more may be missing or corrupted.

Thanks Bob! I’m glad you answered me!
Cirrus Hosting O/A tech support advised me to contact the developer. The errors are related to the admin panel. The transfer was archived with unpacking. Can .htaccess affect the work of the admin panel and not affect the work of the site?
I am ready to provide error logs and any technical information.

Have you checked the permissions and ownership of the listed files?

Also, carefully check the paths and URLs in the core/config/ file. Especially the ones related to the manager and connectors.

Did you run Setup after moving the files? That will often (but not always) correct the config file.

If you have an .htaccess file at the root of the Manager directory, it could affect the Manager but not the front end.

Ownership of files in folders A and B - 644, folders - 755. Permission - what is it?
I checked all the addresses and paths, manually rewrote them again.
Launched the installer after the move.
This time, even during installation, there was an error loading font font download:
download failed (font-family: “Font Awesome 5 Free” style: normal weight: 900 stretch: 100 src index: 1):
status=2147500036 source: https:/ /sitename .org/setup/assets/fonts/fa-solid-900.woff2

Without enabling .htaccess in the manager directory, the installation will not start.
For some reason, MODX is accessing the resources folder in the manager directory, trying to get styles and images from it that are in the root resources folder.
This happens both when placing the core in the root of the site and outside it.
How can it be?

The test installation of pure MODX3 advanced begins with the wrong encoding of SQL latin1_swedish_ci and the same errors -
This.mask.addClass is not a function
This.mask.el. is undefined
in devtools on the admin panel page.
The base encoding has to be manually changed later, but the errors in the admin panel remain.

With the permission of the host, I created a test subdomain.
I changed the base encoding to utf8_general_ci. I installed a clean MODX3 advanced out of the box, and I see the same errors…
POST https://subdomain/connectors/index.php 404
this.mask.addClass is not a function

Server Error Log (ip changed):
[Thu Nov 03 2022 ] [:error] [pid 125691:tid 471143] [client] client denied by server configuration: /public_html/subdomain/connectors/index.php, referer: https://subdomain/manager/

How is that possible?

All I can say is that it looks like the Manager code is asking for a file or files that the server says it can’t have.

For example, this file is not being loaded: manager/assets/modext/widgets/core/ and the Manager is pretty much hosed without it.

644 and 755 are permissions and they look OK. The ownership of the files might be a cause (typically, the owner would be php).

An .haccess file that is set to deny access to certain directories or files could also cause this.

My money is still on the file, though. The last time I moved a site to a new server, it took me a number of tries before I got it right. That file and the four config.core.php files (see below) are usually the only things you need to change when moving to a new server.

Check the config.core.php files in the root, manager, connectors, and setup directories.

Have a nice day Bob
You mentioned money in your answer.
I have a suggestion for you or your students.
I was able to create a subdomain on Cirrus Hosting O/A to test MODX installation and migration.
In my testing, I’ve found that a clean install of MODX3 results in “and the Manager is pretty much hosed” errors in the admin panel anyway.
The installation process is simpler than the migration, and you can only make mistakes in the connection of the database, but not in the configuration, since it is created automatically.
I had to change the base encoding to utf8_general_ci, but with any encoding after installation, errors come out in the admin panel.
I could not explain to the hoster the reason for the errors.
That is why I am turning to you as a developer.
Having a certain amount, the amount of which you can specify, I ask you to conduct a test installation of MODX 3 Advanced on a technical domain and give the answer - is it possible to install without errors in the admin panel with the current hosting configuration (php, htaccess), or is it impossible without the help of technical support.
I really hope for you.
Can I count on your help, and how much money to prepare?

I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time. My house and car were destroyed in Hurricane Ian and any spare time I have is being used to fight with three insurance companies, the county, the park where my home sits, several contractors, and FEMA.

If possible, I’d recommend switching to one of these MODX-friendly hosts or MODX Cloud. A2 hosting has been very good at diagnosing MODX problems, and of course, MODX Cloud is even better.

This would almost certainly be less expensive than what you’d have to pay me. :wink:

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Thank God you’re alive, Bob!
I am writing from Kharkov, Ukraine. Hurricanes bypassed our house, but rockets damaged the power plant several times. Kind people from different countries sent us help, but it turns out that now you need it.
When the shock of the first days of the war subsided, I decided to rewrite the site of my bard friend, which had maintained for over 10 years. Because no one would do it for me. And I managed to do it on MODX3, which appeared on April 28th.

10 albums with songs, clips and archive video take 12GB. So I’m trying to negotiate with tech support. If I have the patience and insight, one more hosting will become MODX friendly.
It so happened that looking at your photo, I feel the presence of my other bard friend,, an admirer of Irish music and the Celts.
The money I could pay won’t solve your problems. But my friends are yogis, and I will tell them about you so that luck will return to you.
Best regards,

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Believe me, your situation is much worse than mine.

Thanks for the kind words.

Hang in there!

Hello Bob
The problem with the admin panel has been resolved. I will write for those who find themselves in the same situation.
The hosting had a Softaculous service, with which you can install various CMS, including MODX (to understand this, you had to expand its tab).
After installing MODX with Softaculous, I found that none of my actions contain errors, which I wrote to the hosting technical support.
As a result, the error was found and fixed.
I am grateful to everyone who helped.

That’s a surprising result. I’ve seen many posts from people who had trouble with Softaculous MODX installs, and fixed things with a regular install or an UpgradeMODX “upgrade” to the current version.

That said, I’m glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: