Error Log Filling Up Fast in MODx 2.7.2

Errors flooding into my error logo

modrestcurlclient.class.php : 26) modRestClient::__construct is deprecated since version 2.3.0. Use the modRest classes instead.

I have 3 extra installed at this point on a new site: FormIt, PDOTools and Redactor.

I found a recent post on the old forum from Bob, but was unable to login and post response there to obtain additional clarification.

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The core still uses that deprecated functionality as part of the package management system, so that’s a very common message to find at the moment, even if you don’t have any extras installed yet. Just opening the package browser will cause that to get logged.

Redactor also uses the package management system to run its license checks, but that typically only happens during installation and once a week after that. So that would not cause a log to “fill up fast” (altho you did not specify what that means exactly). If your Redactor license isn’t valid, that will cause it to check with the server every time it is used in the manager (until it receives a valid license again) so that would make it show more often.

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You can turn off the log_deprecated System Setting to avoid those messages.

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