Error log filled with Langrouter errors

Good evening,

I have the error log in the manager filled by this error:

[2022-02-03 18:15:47] (ERROR in LangRouter Plugin @ /web/htdocs/ : 29) TreehillStudio\LangRouter\Plugins\Events\OnMODXInit was not found!

How can i fix it?
The manager seems to work fine.

Which version of the extra Langrouter and MODX are you using?

Check the plugin with the name Langrouter in the manager. On which system events does this plugin run?
It’s seems that it runs on the event OnMODXInit on your system, even though there is no code to run on this event.

Hi @halftrainedharry ,

I have the latest version of the plugin (1.4.0) and the OnMODXInit event is selected. (I did not set this event).
It is safe to remove the check?

Thank you for your reply.

I think so. All it does on this event is just logging an error message.

It’s weird though that the OnMODXInit event is checked.
I can’t reproduce that, when I install LangRouter myself. I only have the events OnContextRemove, OnContextSave, OnHandleRequest and OnSiteRefresh checked.

It works, thank you!

There was never the OnMODXInit event activated for the LangRouter plugin in the whole history of the extra.

Now I know and this is weird…
I have checked the logs again and i have found something similar to the langrouter error

[2022-02-04 11:54:12] (ERROR in SuperBoxSelect Plugin @ /web/htdocs/ : 29) TreehillStudio\SuperBoxSelect\Plugins\Events\OnDocFormRender was not found!

I have moved the files from dev directory to production… can it have some connections?

Did you update “SuperBoxSelect” from an older version or is this a fresh installation?

“SuperBoxSelect” used to run on the event OnDocFormRender, but it seems it doesn’t anymore on the newest version.

Yep, sadly the event is not removed by GPM automatically. I will add a resolver option.

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