Error log addPackage invalid name

My error log started filling up with…
/public_html/core/xpdo/xpdo.class.php : 513) addPackage called with an invalid package name.

when I hit refresh in the log one appears

I have reinstalled all the extras I am using.

Any other tips for finding the culprit

thanks in advance

This error indicates that somewhere $modx->addPackage('', $path); is called with an empty first parameter (or a parameter that isn’t a string).

As it is unlikely that this is the case in an established extra, do you call addPackage yourself in one of your snippets?

To find the culprit maybe you can deactivate the snippets one by one (by putting an - before the snippet name; e.g. [[-!mySnippet]]) and check if the error still appears. Or maybe also deactivate the active plugins one by one.

that doesn’t seem to be it.

I tried turning off everything and deleted my only custom snippet.

The only thing I can think of is I uninstalled Quip and also I clicked make a package in migx without making one


For some reason my database is latin_swedish_ci and login brakes in the front end if I try and change the database to uf8

You could try (temporarily) changing this line in the code

to this

$this->log(xPDO::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, 'addPackage called with an invalid package name. Path = ' . $path);

in order to write the $path variable to the error log.

With some luck the $path parameter gives you some indication where the error is coming from.

About the wrong database charset, maybe read this article from Bob.


addPackage called with an invalid package name. Path = …public_html/core/components//model/

its just shown me the error I am looking for

Well, it looks like the name of the package is missing in the $path parameter as well.

With plugins and snippets deactivated I’m not sure what else could cause the error.

Maybe you could also check the system setting extension_packages to see if everything is correct there. And maybe also check the content of the database table modx_extension_packages.

is this correct


in the database exception_packages with the double //

No. This seems to be the cause of your error. Delete it.

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