Edit Formit Submissions

How do I edit fields of Formit submissions?

For example, if I have a Formit submission where the email address is incorrect upon submission, how do I edit the email address of that field. Basically, I would like to update the fields after the fact.

How and where do you store these FormIt submissions?
In the database table “modx_formit_forms” with the FormItSaveForm hook?

In this case maybe you can use the FormItLoadSavedForm prehook to change the values.

I save the form submissions in the modx_formit_forms table.

I want to be able to edit the submissions in the Manager by visiting the view all submitted forms.


I can edit the entries in the database because I am the developer of the website. But was more considering that of the person I work for. I wanted an easier way for them to edit entries.

I don’t think this functionality exists in FormIt.

I guess you have to code a custom manager page for that.
Or save the data to a custom database table (e.g. with FormIt2db) and then create a CMP with MIGXdb to edit the data.
Or create a frontend solution with the FormItLoadSavedForm prehook on a (proteced) page.

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All good avenues to visit. I had thought I would need to implement something, but wanted to check here in case I was missing a hidden feature of Formit.

This answer is the right way!

I agree. This is the right way for what is already built. Though it would be nice to edit the form submissions from within the Manager.

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