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Each form for each user Modx Help

I have a client who wants 3 form groups. Each form groups has different fields.
I am able to create it with Formit.
The problem is that he wants when user submit form, user can see later what he has submitted.
So client want three things -

  1. Login system for each user,
  2. Profile kind of system so user can see what he has submitted and can submit another form also. so user can see list of forms he has submitted.
  3. Client want all form in Excel format. ( Which can be done by FormSave Extra).

I can create Forms and can export in csv/xml. But how can I make this system where users have their manager area where they can see submitted forms ?

Check out the login extra ( You could get people to create an account first and then they can view.

How can I make them set to view form entries only they submitted?


Checkout the profile part of the login extra Here

Once you have the members area working, than you can create a custom snippet that shows the list of forms that have been submitted, as you can query the database by logged in user getuser

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Hi. Thank you. Let me move forward then I will get back to you with results… :slight_smile: