Does not go to the created with pdoPage page

There is a collection resource(parent), inside it there are a lot of resources that are displayed normally on 1 page, but when I try to go to page 2 or more it simply redirects to the original page (even when I enter the url address and ?page=2 at the end it redirects to the url address)

Here’s the snippet pdoPage:
&includeTVs=img, price, title

When I hover over the button in page.nav it shows the correct link*
What could be the problem?

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Are you only getting 6 results on the first page, or are all of them showing?

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I found what the problem is, paging only works with pageVarKey which is different from the original(not “page”) =(
I put &pageNavVar=prod.nav in snippet and the problem was solved


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