Documentation for Teleport changeset.tpl

Is there documentation or an example on how to use this teleport changeset - thing?
What are use cases for such changesets?
How do I create such changesets?
what would be an example for the CLI command?

There is not currently any documentation on this. In a nutshell, you can have save() and remove() calls in xPDO trigger callback functions that you can set in the MODX config. These can be used, for instance, to log registry messages containing the changes made to an xPDO object. All the changeset tpl does is then read those messages from the registry to build an extract from those changed objects.

Here is a really old gist with an example of the configuration of these callback functions, though we have since moved to setting these anonymous functions in the config via plugins because upgrading MODX wipes these out when they are set in the config_options array in the config file this way. This is due to the way upgrades array_merge the entries in that file.

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Thanks a lot! That helps me to understand, how it could be used. Nice!