Do "Element Category Access" Settings effect "web" context?

I wanted to restrict a specific chunk from loading on the ‘web’ context. Is this possible? Like showing a ‘login box’ to anonymous users but showing a ‘settings link’ to those logged in. I’m perplexed how to achieve this functionality, and now I’m fairly certain that editing the Element Access in the User Group only effects the manager visibility. So how do I change front end elements to those logged in to the back end? Are Resource Groups my only option?

Maybe you can use the extra Personalize for this

or write a similar custom snippet.

This appears to be exactly what I need. Cheers harry!

Bob killing it as usual. Thanks to all yall who keep creating solutions before I knew there was a need.

Is there some security logic about why elements should not be controlled in this fashion by default. I initially assumed when I saw “element access” tab in the user group manager page that I could control frontend access as well. Why would this only effect the backend?

Core Question: Why do Element Category Access Permissions only apply to the backend? In the following example, shouldn’t the elements within this category be unable to load in the front-end web context:


My purpose for this function is to add a special link under images displayed on a public page, which should only display if a user is logged in.

When you create an Element Category Access ACL entry (by right-clicking on a user group), the form has a “Context” input. If you put web there, it should be protected in the front end.

Keep in mind that elements are only protected when they are connected to a user group (via a context, resource, or element category ACL entry) that the user you want to hide them from is not a member of.