Display collection resources in custom order on different pages

I have a Collections resource which holds a bunch of different resources where each one is for a different board game. It’s basically the catalog of all available games. I also use Tagger to assign the individual games to specific categories. Each category has its own page where the respective games are listed on with TaggerGetResourcesWhere.

Now I need to be able to display the games in a custom order, though. Basically I have to be able to manually select which games are shown after each other. Keep in mind, that the same game can belong to multiple categories.

One idea I had so far, was to create a helper TV which lists all resources within my collection as a single-select dropdown list and then use that within a migx TV which would allow me to manually order items via drag and drop. I guess that could work, but I would love to hear any other ideas on this. Thanks a lot!

Depending on who will be managing this type of content, instructing them to enter a comma separated list of IDs might be suitable (that’s what I tend to do for such cases); but I guess that’s further complicated by resources in collections not being permanently visible in the tree so you don’t have easy access to each ID.

I don’t think any of the core TVs support ordering and showing titles, but SuperBoxSelect might fit the bill?

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You could create a new database table that copies the content from the table modx_tagger_tag_resources and adds a new field for the rank. Then you could filter and reorder the rows with MIGXdb. That should work but is also not a great solution.

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After some testing, I think SuperBoxSelect is a great option for what I need. Unfortunately it seems like the sorting part is broken atm, but I already opened an issue for that on github. Thanks a lot for the inputs!