Denied access to files area after upgrading PHP


Recently I upraded PHP and lost access to files section. Files tab appears, but the files don’t. No errors in error log. Someone can tell me how I fix this?

Thanks, Daisy


I can think of various reasons why this might happen but it would be good to have a bit more detail about the environment. It sounds like a permissions issue, either from a different PHP configuration or permissions on the files themselves.

What is your hosting platform? Are you developing locally or using a hosting provider?
Which version of PHP did you upgrade from, and to?

Are you able to see an error log? Check the MODX event log first (probably at /manager/?a=system/event ), then your web server’s error log for any clues.

You could also open a developer console and check for errors (like http/401, 403 or 500) for the AJAX call that MODX makes to retrieve files. If there are errors there, they should show up in the web server’s error log.