Default Web context index(NL) file redirects to index file other context(EN) language

I created a multilingual website in Dutch(context=Web) and English(context=EN) with Babel, a context switch plugin and a adjustment in the .htaccess file.

All other pages are working fine.

I changed several times times the .htacces fills but no satisfying results :frowning:

Could someone help me out?


Hi Roderik,

I have repeatedly attacked the rake myself with Babel and multilingual websites therefore let me ask a couple of the following questions:

  1. Just in case - no other redirects - inside active plugins, snippets, webserver configs?
  2. Do you use Apache, not NGINX or other?
  3. Did you check all context settings, is everything OK there?
  4. Do you load proper context in index.php?
  5. What kind of plugin do you use for switching? If you disable Babel contexts should work properly any way, does it OK?

I hope at least one point will help (maybe 4?:slight_smile: )

Hello Anton

thanks for you quick reply :slight_smile:

I disabled the Switch as well as the Babel plugin, so I think it has to do with the htaccess file. I’ll be back



Hi @roderik,

Any success with htaccess file?

Hey Anton, Sorry for my late reply, I was a few days abroad. Yes I sorted it out, but I think it was a lucky shot in .htaccess ;-p

I checked your clues, thanks for your davice :smile:

enjoy your weekend!

regards Roderik

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I stopped using Babel and started working with XRouting for multiple domain. (Tip from Menno Pietersen).

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