Default list view for media source

Hi all.

So I have a bunch of media sources. Most are for images, so the grid view works best. But I have two media sources which are for files (PDFs) which I want to default to list view - because the grid truncates the file names and makes it hard to find the files.

I know. There’s a system setting to change the default view from grid to list, but I wondered if there was a way to change just a single media source?


As far as I can tell, this is not possible.

Dammit harry. You normally solve everything! :smile:

Seriously though that’s a shame. Clients using the cms find it hard to navigate - and although one can change to list view when uploading or selecting, it doesn’t remember your choice.

I need to try out modx3 to see how that behaves!

Would be a cool feature to add to 3.1, configuring the default view type on the media source. :wink:

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Just my thoughts :sweat_smile:

This would definitely be an useful feature. Seems like people were looking for this feature even 6 years ago.

That would be SO useful!!