Data-fred-target adds br tags

Has anyone else noticed that Fred always adds
tags to the end of the text when using the data-fred-target attribute? Pagetitle longtitle, description, introtext - always an added br tag at the end.

Does the same happen with/without an RTE?

This is when editing without the rte. When you go to the setting, such as pagetitle or longtitle, in the Manager you can see the br tags.

They can also be seen in a browser inspection.

There’s nothing in the element markup that would account for it.

`<h1 class="display-4 text-primary font-weight-bold text-uppercase mt-5 mb-2 text-center" data-fred-name="pagetitle"  data-fred-target="pagetitle">Default Page Title</h1>`

That seems very buggy … did you open an issue at Github?

No, I’m still trying to pin down exactly when it does and does not happen. As far as I can determine, it only happens if you type in the text. Pasting text does not seem to get the same attention. And of course it doesn’t turn up if you’ve entered the text from the Manager side in these fields. I need to do some checking on other non-rte content.

GitHub issue has been opened.